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Does President Obama Hate White People?!?

While it's already been firmly established several times here that Black people can indeed be racist, the assertion that President Obama somehow harbors anti-white sentiments has always been perplexing to me. For a guy essentially raised by white folks, and who had very little connection to the black side of his family in Kenya, it just seems terribly unlikely that he'd hate the very folks responsible for him being here. Sure, I know some Negros are all Uncle Ruckusy, and don't hold their own skin color in very high esteem, but Obama's never by any means struck me as such a fella.

This hasn't stopped folks from painting him as anti-white though. There was Hillary's "Us vs Them" style of racial pandering that suggested Obama was a bit too unfamiliar with the everyday lives of White America. News outlets wasted weeks of airtime on the Rebb'n Wright "controversy", essentially taking a few lines from a 40 year career in the clergy out of context and making Obama guilty by association. Folks like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh have used the "BeerGate" scandal as proof that Barry hates white folks. The endorsements of people like Rebb'n Al, Louis Farrakhan, and even Jesse Jackson have been cited as proof that Obama didn't care too much for those of a fairer complexion. And who can forget Michelle-O's non-existent "whitey" videotape?

I always suggested that Obama could shut some of these morons up by wheeling out his elderly grandmother to but himself some trailer park cred with Middle America, but to the guy's credit, he had too much dignity to steep to such a level. Still, the fact that he's half-white, and doesn't run away from his whiteness in exchange for embracing his self-identified blackness just isn't enough for some people. Which leads me to a "commentary" I read this past weekend, asserting that Obama's lack of public action in the wake of the recent floods in Nashville was proof that he harbored some deep-seated resentment towards White people.

The kicker, of course, is that this crock of sh*t thesis was written by another Black man.

Ya'll know how much I hate overly quoting other stories, and how I hate quoting another person's opinion even more, but I hope we can all make an exception in this case. Here are selected dung piles excerpts from conservative bootlicker Larry Elder's syndicated piece. If you have the stomach for the whole thing, and the symphony of incredibly racist co-signs in the comments section, the link's below.
"Barack Obama doesn't care about white people!"

No, country star Taylor Swift didn't say that about the president. Nor did any of the entertainers who performed on a telethon to raise money for victims of the historic floods ravaging parts of Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi. None accused the Obama administration of indifference or lack of attentiveness to these floods.

Swift, who contributed $500,000, was one of many stars who appeared on this fundraiser put on by the Nashville NBC affiliate, WSMV, and carried by other Tennessee stations.

In 2005, a Hurricane Katrina relief telethon was carried live on CBS, ABC, Fox, and NBC and more than 25 other channels. A separate telethon was broadcast on MTV, VH1 and CMT. During a Katrina fundraiser, rapper Kayne West accused President George W. Bush of indifference to the plight of those suffering. West said, "George W. Bush doesn't care about black people."

Hurricane Katrina was catastrophic. It caused over 1,500 deaths, with property damage estimated at near $100 billion and hundreds of thousands of people displaced. The failures of local and state responders, the widely criticized federal response and subsequent finger pointing made a tragically newsworthy story even more so.

And, at the moment, there is no shortage of significant news. Major stories include the naturalized American Muslim terrorist who admitted placing a car bomb in Times Square. An underwater oil rig erupted in the Gulf of Mississippi, creating the largest domestic oil spill since the Exxon Valdez. Arizona passed a controversial anti-illegal alien law that critics claim "legalizes racial profiling." Greece faces a financial collapse.

But has the traditional media devoted the time and attention warranted by the historic floods?

"We have been astonished by the lack of national coverage of this disaster," Elden Hale, general manager of Nashville's WSMV, told me. He acknowledged that the story competed with the Times Square terrorist and the Gulf oil spill. He said, "But still..."

How big a deal are these floods?

Hale said his area received 15 inches of rain in two days, a phenomenon of "biblical proportions." People, he said, still haven't grasped the dimensions of this disaster. The rainfalls are the highest since records have been kept. The resulting floods have been described as the greatest tragedy to hit the area since the Civil War. So far, 30 peopled are listed dead, the count expected to grow as floods recede and bodies are recovered. "Rivers have been created where none existed before," Hale said, "and people who've lost homes didn't carry flood insurance because these areas never flooded before."

Why haven't the floods gotten more attention?

"I don't want to get into that," Hale said, "but you and I both know they care more about the two coasts than they do Middle America." Did NBC network express any interest in airing the telethon? "No," Hale said, "but in fairness I didn't offer it to them. We intended for it to be a local affair."

As to the lack of media interest, a Newsweek senior writer tried to explain. Unlike the Times Square and oil rig stories, he wrote, the floods lacked "plot twists," a "political hook," and the "Nashville narrative wasn't compelling enough to break the cycle."

No plot twists? No political hook? Not compelling enough?

People killed. Extensive property damage. Worst rainfall in recorded history. Cultural and historic places flooded, like the Country Music Hall of Fame and the legendary Grand Ole Opry. None of that cuts it?

In his piece "We Are Nashville," Tennessee writer Patten Fuqua said: "Parts of Nashville that could never even conceivably be underwater were underwater. Some of them still are. Opry Mills and the Opryland Hotel are, for all intents and purposes, destroyed. People died sitting in standstill traffic on the Interstate. We saw boats going down West End. And, of course, we all saw the surreal image of the portable building from Lighthouse Christian floating into traffic and being destroyed when cars were knocked into it. I'm still having trouble comprehending all of it."

Consider some alternate explanations for the media's comparative lack of interest:

-- Those affected, residents and officials, didn't blame others. WSMV general manager Hale praised the spirit of Tennessee. His station, organizers and entertainers came together with two days notice. Quoting one of his news anchors, Hale said, "'Volunteerism is in our DNA.' When the Red Cross came in they were surprised because so much had already been done."

-- The media's beloved Obama failed to carry Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi. Those states, alien (if not enemy) territory, are simply of minor importance. It's just hard to feel those folks' pain.

-- One Bush critic argued that the president didn't care about New Orleans because it is "black" and "sexy." Perhaps the media's indifference to Nashville is because that city is "only" 25 percent black, and therefore "white and redneck."

-- Non-Obama voting, self-reliant "Hee-Haw'ers" who aren't blaming somebody for their troubles just don't make for big news.

Where's the race card when you need it?
Assuming you've still got your lunch inside, let's look at how silly Elder's argument is.

Elder assumes Obama isn't helping these folks out because there's no political gain. He obviously overlooks the fact that Obama overwhelmingly won Davidson County, where Nashville sits, in 2008, by a 60/40 margin.

I seriously doubt that Obama, or anyone in the Administration, didn't help folks in Nashville because they were "rednecks". The President in fact made statements on the flooding in both Tennessee and Kentucky, and called the Governors of both states immediately after the floods. The Administration sent Cabinet level officials to both states immediately, and by all accounts, FEMA has been working with local officials and residents. Millions of dollars have already been issued in the form of individual assistance to tens of thousands of local residents.

Nobody is saying things in Tennessee, or any other flood effected regions will miraculously bounce back to normal overnight. But to presume that the White House did nothing, when this can be easily debunked with a quick Google search is beyond reckless.

If Elder has any beef, it should be with the media. But if you consider everything else going on at the time (Times Square bomber, BP oil spill, Dow collapse), it's sorta understandable why the story hasn't quite gotten the same level of attention as a man-made disaster in New Orleans that left thousands stranded and hundred dead when government at all levels failed to act effectively. By most accounts, this isn't the case in Nashville.

While I laud folks like Taylor Swift for stepping up and providing financial assistance to those in need, I don't really understand how Kayne West's reckless (if not somewhat true) statement about the media's racial trickery post-Katrina, as well as Bush's cowardly "flyover" applies, or how it somehow shows that Obama (who famously called West's actions toward swift as those of a "jackass") doesn't care about White people. This just looks like yet another Conservative taking the usual swipe at liberal minorities with the whole "do for self, stay off the gubb'ment teet" line of thinking. All while complaining that the gubb'ment didn't do enough to help otherwise self-sufficient Conservatives. Because, as we know, acts of nature can only make victims of liberals.

Larry Elder may play a Judge on TV, but that doesn't make this ignorant, self-hating Negro qualified to somehow paint the President as hostile toward Whites. Try harder, a$$hole. Or better yet, don't try at all.

Maybe Larry Elder doesn't care (enough) about Black people.

Question: Does Larry Elder have a point about Obama's lack of empathy< towards those of the Caucasian Persuasion? Should the Present have travelled to Nashville, or did he do enough by sending along Cabinet-level personnel and resources?

'Barack Obama Doesn't Care About White People!' [TownHall]

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