Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ballin' vs Prostitution: What's The Difference?!?

As a 36 29-year old black man with nearly a decade of marital expertise, I find relating to single people increasingly difficult. I suppose its just the whole "rearview mirror effect". The further I'm separated from my singlehood, the hazier my recollections of those distant days become.

Still, my ear is close enough to the ground to have a general clue of what's still going on out there, and as I've said here before, I'm always repulsed when I hear such nonsense as "it ain't trickin' if you got it". I mean, seriously, dudes here in DC are taking that "Throw Some D's" thing a bit too literally and buying chicks fake boobies. What part of the game is that?[1]

Sure, a gentleman should always be a gentleman. No woman likes a cheap (or broke) man, and part of courting/pursuit involves doing things like eating out, movies, etc. in an effort to get to know someone better. But paying for rent, childcare for a child that ain't yours, and light bills? That sh*t is just extra.

There's a very thin line between treating a lady to a good time and being a simp. Any guy who buys Gucci bags and expensive vacations for a chick not named his wife just to get close to her is a sucka, plain and simple. The whole thing has me thinking: what's really the difference between "Ballin'" and outright buying the nookie?

I realize this is a topic with a whole lot of gray area, but for the fellas and ladies, single or otherwise, I'm wondering that ya'll think about this.

Question: At what point does the purchase of goods and services to keep a person interested in you become dangerously close to outright trickin'? Fellas, what's the most money you spent to entertain a lady? Ladies, does a guy who offers to throw D's on you and pay for your rent qualify as a baller or a simp?

[1] Is this an epidemic in other cities as well? And come on bruh, buyin' girls new t*tties? F'real? Any man spending $8k to upgrade a chick so the next man (and the next, and the next) can enjoy the fruits of your hard earned labor is the definition of a simp. Stop it. What Would Obama Do?

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