Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ashy Or Classy?!? - Kobe's Fashion Pics.

Despite being a Kappa Man, I'm hardly what you'd classify as metrosexual. Sure, I enjoy the occasional back exfoliation, and if you bought me a spa treatment for my birthday, I prolly wouldn't turn it down. But I think there's gotta be a limit somewhere. Presumably straight dudes who pay waaay too much attention to their appearance just always strike me as a wee bit odd. I'm not trying to put anyone in a box here, but you gotta draw boundaries somewhere.

Nobody would question Kobe Bryant's machismo. He's cut a rap album. He's gotten Shaq banished from a team. He's come thru in the clutch on numerous occasions. And lest we forget, the dude literally took it for crissakes, so there's no need to make him justify his thug.

Still, when someone forwarded me this recent LA Times magazine pictorial of Kobe Bean in some weird "high fashion" photoshoot, I couldn't help but wonder: who the hell thought this was a good idea, and why didn't Kobe veto the final result?

I mean, come on dude, WTF?!? I bet he's catchin' hell in the locker room for this nonsense.

Well, at least he knows it himself.

Question: Ashy Or Classy?!? What was Kobe thinking? Are these pics "fashion forward" or borderline fruity? Not that there's anything wrong with being fruity, but come on.

Kobe Bryant White Hot [LATimesMag]

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