Monday, May 24, 2010 NewsBriefs.

I'm workin' harder than usual today. We're talkin' Hebrew slave hard. Here's the rundown.

Sarah Palin Has Some Competition - Is it just me, or does this Rand Paul guy seem like he could give Sarah Palin a run for the title of Ruler Of All Morons. Last week, he essentially told Obama to fall back on his harsh criticism of BP for that little oil spill down on the Gulf. Predictably, when the backlash came, Rand tucked and ran, cancelling a long scheduled visit to Sunday's Meet The Press. Anxious to regain her crown as Ultimate Victim, Palin took to Fox News Sunday. Oddly, even though Palin fancies herself as a champion for special needs children, and Paul idiotically questioned the need for the Americans with Disabilities Act, Chris Wallace doesn't bother pressing her on this.

Call me crazy, but something about her looks a little different. She actually looks, dare I say, good. Or maybe it's just YouTube's super duper HD clip. Yeah, prolly.

Michael Steele, Just Go Ahead And Off' Yourself - Come on, Magic Mike, don't you draw the line somewhere? Tapdancing is bad enough as is, but putting on blackface and essentially defending Rand Paul's stance that would have still had you drankin' out the colored folks fountain? Well, that's just plain shameless.

Damn Mike, grow a pair, already. You'll be kicked to the curb come November, go out with guns blazin'.

Texas Textbooks - Man, what a travesty. Repainting the civil rights movement to make MLK and The Black Panthers ideological soul mates. No hip hop at all. More country music than ever? Slavery gets airbrushed into the "Atlantic triangular trade"? Maybe we'd better start pressing for vouchers and school choice, because our kids really ain't learnin' jack now.

No Magic, Here - Man, did anyone else think we'd be staring at a Lakers/Celtics NBA Finals just 3 weeks ago? I sure as heck didn't, and chances are, this may be the most competitive, entertaining Finals evar. Who ya'll got? Honestly, I can't call it, and won't try to. These two teams are too evenly matched.

Question: Who's got the clueless victim game on lock? Palin or Paul? Why is Mike Steele defending Paul? Who you got in the NBA Finals?

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