Thursday, May 13, 2010

An MultiMedia Expose - cRappers In Jail.

[Editor's Note: This post is full of random, loosely related observations on the present effed' up state of the cRap game. If you don't know what a "Gucci Mane" is, you might wanna skip this one, or hit that cool "Random Posts" button on the right sidebar if you need to be entertained today.]

Another day, another cRapper released early from the clink for "good behavior". What part of the game is that?[1]

Doesn't matter. Radric Davis fought The State and The State won. But Gucci's back on the streets, just in time for the Summer. Pour out a lil' Lemonade.

Does anyone remember a time when artists went to jail for legitimate social purposes? You know, for real stuff that sorta kinda mattered, like voting rights, desegregation, etc. Now, not a month passes without some moron being sent upstate for not snitching, getting busted in a Walgreens parking lot with a military-grade stockpile of guns, raping a hairstylist, or shooting a weedcarrier in the stomach for stealing petty cash.

I can at least give some ignant street cred points to cRappers who get sent up for some truly penitentiary-chance worthy sh*t like the aforementioned. But how lame do you have to be to get pinched for a freakin' parole violation? That is, emphatically not gangsta.

This ingrate had a whole year to do a measly 600 hours of community service. He did 25. Total.

We all know cRap music is little more than crude theater in musical form. Many of these guys (ie: David Banner, Plies, Ludacris) have college degrees, are happily married (Snoop, Big Boi, Uncle Luke), and live off-record lives far removed from the nonsense they portray on-wax.[2]

And that's why this clip will go down as both the most real, and completely ignant sh*t I've ever personally watched. You might know The Clipse as a millionaire drug kingpins, two brothers from Virginia who specialize in coke rap. But wouldn't you know it, these Negroes are both vacation bible school teachers, and my kitchen is nicer than theirs.

I can't blame you sir. We all "need foolishness" in our hip-hop too. Thanks.

Since this has officially turned into a video dump, and we're sorta talkin' about Gucci Mane, feast your eyes on this classic moment in the annals of Negro Nonsense.

And to think, Sojourner died for this sh*t.

Question: Is there any such thing as "keepin' it real", or is cRap music basically a reality show on wax? What's your read on this incarcerated cRappers epidemic? How come you don't see this sorta nonsense in other musical forms? How long before Gucci Mane's right back in the clink? Will Weezy be out by July 4th?

Gucci Mane Released From Jail [WashPost]

[1] How and where did this Negro learn to read so well?

[2] And yeah, I have each and every artist mentioned in this post somewhere on my iPod right now. My name is AB, and I am officially part of the problem.

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