Thursday, May 27, 2010

3 Play Thursday - Too Short.

It's 3 Play Thursday. Today: Legendary Bay Area rapper Too Short.

Depending on whom you ask, Oakland rapper Too Short is either a trailblazing game-spitter, or a purveyor of the worst kind of misogynistic cRap music. Considering the fact that I've chosen him for 3 Play Thursday, you can prolly guess what side of the debate I fall on. No, I don't particularly care for his tendency to use the word b*tch in every bar, but you can't deny his contributions to the rap game, and any guy who's able to remain employed well into his late 40's in this industry deserves props just on GP. You know what they say, don't hate the player...

Here's a trio of my favorite Short Dog tunes. Cop them headphones and go in.

"Blow The Whistle"

"The Ghetto"

"I'm A Playa"

Question: What's your favorite Too Short tune?

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