Friday, April 9, 2010

Rosa Parks Caught A Case For This Sh*t?!?

I'm an NBA fan, and that fandom extends beyond the court, since The Association is one of the few sports that's more fun to follow than actually watch. So, I should be a natural viewing audience for VH1's new hoops themed series, Basketball Wives, which premiers Sunday night.

But c'mon man, how can they call this "Basketball Wives" when only one of these 20 chicks is actually married to a baller?!?

Yeah, that was Dwight Howard's infamous baby mama, the one from that pool party video, pictured above just in case you're clueless.

I guess there are some low post moves even Superman can't defend. {rimshot}

Viacom is touting their gradual shift from trash like For The Love Of Ray-J and Flavor of Love to Basketball Wives and What Chili Wants as some sorta evolution from juvenile antics to grown and sexy fare to attract black women to the TeeVee. Right.

Personally, I'd watch New York and her mother before I bothered with this yawn-fest. But hey, what do I know?

If you want scored spouse drama, you might wanna get familiar with CBS' brilliant The Good Wife, a show that's renewed my faith in network TV. As for the lazily monikered Basketball Wives, I'll take a pass. No pun intended.

Question: Does Basketball Wives look decent, or it is merely more loosely scripted BS?

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