Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Poll Position: Go Head' And Order More Steve Harvey Collection Zoot Suits, Mike Steele!!! Your Job Is Safe!

Common sense would dictate that in today's 24 hour cable cycle-driven world, last week's RNC Epic Fail would soon boil over. Michael Steele wouldn't give credit to another black(ish) man[1] if his life depended on it, but he should be sending Tiger Woods a thank-you note right about now.

Thanks to The Masters, nobody's talking about lesbian bondage clubs this week. GOP bigwigs have all come out in favor of Their Favorite Black, and all is well. Steele even took a victory lap this weekend to celebrate. There's no need to cancel that shipment of Steve Harvey Collection Zoot Suits after all. It's spring baby, wait'll ya'll see what colors Magic Mike is finna' break out.

Anyways, since my readers are geniuses, ya'll predicted this all along. The GOP needs Magic Mike just as much as be needs their $250k/year salary. They couldn't quit each other if they wanted. They knew it, we knew it.

With that little hurdle out of the way, I sure hope Steele learns a lesson. He technically had nothing to do with that sex club scandal, but somehow ended up being the guy on the hook for it anyway, after the story was dredged up (with no context) by a Conservative blog. Mike, win or lose this Fall, your ass is canned come November 3rd. You're literally just playing out the string right now. Word to Eddie Jordan.

Quit buying those tacky suits and stack yo' paper, Magic Mike. We're still in a recession, you know.

Question: When will the GOP grow tired of Steele's antics and give him the boot? Is it possible to have done as sh*tty a job as he has to date and still stay employed? Is this some sorta odd reverse racism, that's allowing Steele to produce poorly and still keep a job "just cause he Black"?!?

[1] Duh, Obama.

[2] The Sixers were a bad fit from the jump. Here's to hoping the classy Jordan gets another chance someday.

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