Friday, April 9, 2010

Obama To Palin: "H*e Sit Down!"

You gotta give it to President Obama. For the most part, the guy's been overly congenial when addressing his foes. Despite the steadfast opposition of the GOP, Barry's never resorted to childish "Us vs Them/Get Down Or Lay Down!" type rhetoric, often to his detriment. He's mostly brushed off ignant sh*t like "death panels", "paling around with terrorists", and "baby killer" hurled at him from the right. You could argue with the effectiveness of this tactic. Sure, it got him elected, but taking the high road has been a mixed bag since he's taken office.

With all that said, when Obama was recently asked a really, really stoopid question by ABC News' George Stephanopoulos, he could have just ignored this whole thing and said "next". He didn't.
After signing the historic nuclear disarmament treaty with Russia, President Obama, in an interview with ABC News, pushed back against critics who say his new nuclear weapons stance is too soft and leaves the United States vulnerable to attack.

The president strikes back at critics of his nuclear arms treaty with Russia.The scene at the signing at the historic Prague Castle in the Czech Republic Thursday was one of cooperation between the United States and Russia, but back home, the Obama administration may face a challenge getting the treaty through the Senate.

Obama brushed off criticisms from former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin about his nuclear weapons policy.

"I really have no response. Because last I checked, Sarah Palin's not much of an expert on nuclear issues," he said in an exclusive interview with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos.
Here's Obama.

In case you're clueless about what Miss Sarah said that irked Obama, here it is.

Jesus, is this woman that much of an idiot? Did she actually READ Obama's Nukes Plan? Does she not realize that she's 100% wrong? 100 Percent? Doesn't she also realize that reducing nukes by 1/3 is exactly the very same thing that Ronald Reagan, Conservative Jesus himself, advocated the exact same policies?

Of course, those on the right ignore the obvious hypocrisy here, and are slamming Obama for, well, answering a dumb question posed to him by a reporter about Sarah Palin.

Folks, even with this reduction of nukes, the US and Russia still have over 1,500 combined, enough to blow up the entire world about 20 times. And no, Obama's treaty doesn't expose us to any more danger than the previous regime's. It's primarily a goodwill gesture to the rest of the world, glorified PR. I can't say it's entirely necessary either, but again, we still have about 800 nuclear weapons. Anybody that wants trouble can still get some. Saying otherwise is just downright callous, and for that matter, dishonest.

As for Palin, I agree with Obama. And John Stewart.

Go. Sit. Down.

Question: Do Obama critics even think about how stupid they sound, or are they truly just conditioned to disagree with him, all logic and common sense aside.

President Obama on Nukes, Palin, Confederacy and Iran [ABCNews]

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