Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm Back.

Well, it was real.

2 weeks, 2,000 miles, and a whole lotta money later, the DisneyWorld trip is over, and it's back to reality. The Day Job beckons.

[Editor's Note: It took me awhile to decide upon the appropriate post-release "I'm Back" TI anthem to use for this post. You know, since he's only recorded like 2,129 of them. Stay out for good this time, Clifford.]

Anyways, as I re-adjust to paid activities, the blog might be a wee bit slow getting back to normal, as you might imagine. But for those who stuck around and endured what in retrospect, was a lousy collection of Rewinds, I'm thankful. Give me a few more days and we'll be back to biz as usual.

Two fingers.


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