Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Get On Your SoapBox Day.

Sometimes when you blog, you run into issues getting posts out on the daily. The Fresh 7 days/week promise I made to you guys sometimes proves to be a bit difficult for me to keep up with. Today would be such a day, as the fine folks who sign my checks want me working. And working. And working.

So, today, the floor is open. You guys have proven to be a relatively self-sustaining online community. So, start some chatter amongst yourselves. Drop links. Get it poppin'. If you've ever wanted to write your own post for the rest of AverageNation™ to respond to, this is your day!

In the meantime, a few minor things that might (or might not) interest you:
Study Shows Obama Budget Deficit Actually Dropped 8% Since 2009 - Take that TeaBaggers!!!

Party Of No! (Clue) - In addition to obstructing unemployment benefits yet again, the GOP is now threatening to block and fiscal regulation overhaul that might help us avoid the Wall Street foolishness that's got us in our current predicament.

SCOTUS Nominee Short List Revealed - Sure, the sista, Leah Ward Sears, is on the list yet again. But how many of ya'll think Obama is actually gonna give a black woman a shot at the highest court? If you believe that, I got some beachfront property in Topeka to sell you.

Nas Ordered To Pay Over $700,000 In Back Child Support!!! - Man, is that one expensive MilkShake or what? If I were Nas, I'd say eff' it and just do the requisite jailtime to wipe the slate clean. Take that, Kelis! They can't collect child support if you're in the clink, can they?

I Watched "Basketball Wives" - And yeah, I actually liked it. A little dry, but still decent TV. Ya'll watch it?

NBA Regular Season Comes To Merciful End, Tonight - Jesus, will the playoffs start already? They should seriously consider shaving about 20 games off the regular season. Who's your pick to win it all?
Question: What's on your mind today?

[1] Man, if there's a such thing as a slept-on classic tune, it's this one.

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