Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Either/Or: Brains Or Beauty?!?

On the last edition of Either/Or, I asked a pretty simple question: is forced to make a choice, would you rather "date" someone with a slammin' body or a beautiful face. Today's topic is sorta similar, but sorta not, so pay attention.

Brains and beauty are a lethal combination. Attractive, smart people seem to rise to the top of their professions, gain the trust and admiration of others, and generally run the world. Tomes have been written about the advantages that "good looking" politicians generally enjoy when facing off with aesthetically challenged competitors.

In an idea world, every potential mate would be a "ten" with the IQ of Einstein. Of course, AB.com is not an ideal world, so I'm forcing you to choose.

Question: Would you rather "date" someone who is beautiful/handsome, but dumb as a bag of Funyuns, or smart and resourceful, but ugly as Flavor Flav and Susan Boyle's love child? There is no in-between answer here. Pick ONE and explain why.

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