Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Either/Or - Beauty Or Booty?!?

[Editor's Note: New Feature Alert! Well, depending on how ya'll respond, this might be a new feature or a total mistake. So respond, please, cause I already got 5 more of these in the hopper anway.]

Despite what Cosmo says, you can't have it all in life. Nobody can get everything they want. Sometimes life is an either/or proposition where you have to choose the lesser of two evils and keep it movin'. The rules are simple: pick a choice and explain why you picked it. And to that effect, I present today's edition of Either/Or.

As much as everyone would like to have a mate who's a Perfect 10, reality is a very small percentage of those of us put here on Earth fall in that category. In actuality, it's usually a flip of the coin somewhere between great face and great body.

Tell em' Day-Day.

Today's Either/Or is simple and straightforward. Again, no "boths". Pick a side and run with it.

Question: Would you rather "date" someone with "body of a God(ess), face from Hell" (Booty!), or roll with a pretty face and jacked up errythang else (Beauty!)? There is no in-between answer here. Pick one and explain why.

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