Wednesday, April 7, 2010

AverageNation™ March Madness: And The Winner Is...

As much as watching Puke Duke win that national title Monday night stung, seeing the final tally in the inaugural edition of AverageNation™ March Madness was prolly even worse. I somehow managed to slip from the Top 3, all the way down to a freakin' tie for 7th place in my own competition, which is even more painful than watching Greg Freakin' Zoubek ice the game with a crucial rebound and free throw.

And since we're on the topic, is this Duke team perhaps one of the most mediocre NCAA championship squads of all time, or is that just my Carolina bias showing? Even "One Shining Moment" was L.A.M.E. Sorry J-Hud, you do look better, but we want fat Luther back.

[Editor's Sidebar: I don't watch women's hoops, but darnit, give it up for UConn. Those girls haven't lost a game in two seasons. If this were the men's bracket, we'd be calling them the greatest of all time. Since this is the women, it's merely a sidebar article on page 6D. And that's a shame. Well done, ladies. Well done.]

Anyways, the winner was Jeff Bempong, who will be getting a box full of random stuff that's been sent in to for review over the past year or so. This means CDs, DVDs, a couple of books, and even a surprise or two. Jeff, hit me offline and give me your info so I can ship your box full of random stuff.

Interestingly, only one of the 17 participants in this year's contest picked the eventual national champion correctly. Congrats Cherise Johnson, you clearly are a Duke alum, because nobody else even remotely considered them title-quality. Cyber CapriSuns to you.

Till next March...

Question: Is Duke really, really mediocre or is it just me hatin' as usual?

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