Tuesday, April 6, 2010

AB.com Rewind - What Is This Song Really About?!?

90's R&B trio SWV is one of my favorite groups of all time. Coming in on the tail end of the "The Jack Swing" era, these 3 ladies from New York City blended perfect harmony with hip hop beats and quiet storm slow jams. They well classier than TLC, and less good looking than En Vogue, but arguably more talented than both groups. Sure, only one of them actually sang (should they be called Sister With Voice instead?) and their dancing made Keyshia Cole look like Debbie Allen, but dang if they didn't make a gang of hits during The Second Greatest Decade Evar. It's sad that they broke up, and really wouldn't have much of a chance at success if they got back together in today's music industry anyway. The "R&B Girl Group" is just as much a dinosaur as "The Black Sitcom". And no youngins', Dannity Kane does not count.[1]

Anyways, I hadn't heard this song in ages till the other day, and it reminded me of an old debate. Given the double entendres in some of their other songs (ie: "Downtown") exactly what is SWV talking about in "Rain On Me"?

And since we're on the topic, is it just me, or is there a hidden message in this other SWV classic, "Use Your Heart"?

And hell, just for good measure, my personal favorite "Always On My Mind". See if you can count all the obscure D-list black celebs in this one.

Question: What is "Rain On Me" really about? As It's About Time a slept-on 90's R&B classic album? What was your favorite SWV track? We all know where Taj (married Eddie George) and Coko (gospel career, acrylic nail spokeswoman) are, but is Lelee washing dishes, or bussing tables at the Far Rockaway Sizzler?

[1] I'm not a 13 year old white girl, so hadn't heard this before I just happened to Google it by mistake, but pop singer JoJo actually does "Weak In The Knees" justice. Not bad. Not bad at all.

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