Wednesday, April 28, 2010 NewsBriefs

I gotta actually do some real work today. You know the usual drill...

Immigration Reform - While I was away over the weekend (H-Town stand up!), the great state of Arizona essentially legalized racial profiling, under the guise of immigration reform. There's a million things wrong with this approach, but the biggest issue with illegal immigrants isn't the immigrants, it's the system that makes them coming to the US so attractive in the first place. If any lawmaker was really serious about curbing the influx of illegal immigrants, he'd simply institute and reinforce strict and heavy fines for any company or individual that hires them. Period.

These folks come here because there's a dollar to be made, and companies use them because they're dirt cheap and don't require benefits or any of the other standard protections afforded your typical worker. It's no wonder that more than 1M immigrants have already left Arizona since the recession began. I can't be mad at a random Mexican gaming a willing system to make a better way of life for his family. I can be mad at Arizona's dimwit, bleached blonde Governor for avoiding the real issue, and infringing upon the civil rights of real, hardworking Americans.

Financial Regulatory Reform - I think most people can agree that something needs to be done to ensure there's not another Wall Street collapse like the one that left us with double digit unemployment. Well, everyone but the GOP, which seems to be riding this "Party of No!" thing till the wheels fall off, or election day, whichever comes first. It's truly sad that these idiots think obstruction and sitting on your hands like a 5-year old is a sound strategy. It's even sadder that some polls show this strategy just might pay off in the form of the GOP regaining the Senate and/or House this Fall.

NBA Playoffs - Well, can I reinstate my long-held "Spurs will win the NBA title" prediction again? And what's up with the Lakers? As of today, I got the Cavs coming out of the East, hands down. As for the West, well, no more predictions here.

Question: What's your read on the immigration situation in AZ? What (if anything) needs to be done to ensure Wall Street doesn't take more penetentiary chances with your money? Who you got in the playoffs?

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