Thursday, April 1, 2010 NewsBriefs [New Post Alert!]

[Editor's Note: No, this is not an April Fool's joke. Yes, this is a new post. Everybody's worn out from the theme park and fast asleep, so I got a few topics to go in on real quick. If you're clueless about the topics, Google em'. Read and comment.]

Obama The Concessionaire - Man, I gotta tell ya', either this Barack Obama is a cunning politician who's playing chess while his opponents are playing checkers, or he's a complete and utter moron. In, oh, I dunno, the 9238th concession to the GOP thus far in his Presidency, Obama shocked tree-huggers nationwide by announcing he'd begin looking into offshore drilling in a year or so. Since TeaBaggers have been yellin' the ultra-lame "Drill Baby Drill" for a couple of years now, you figured this would make them happy. But of course, meeting folks halfway only works when they're willing to take a few steps themselves. GOP leaders are already criticizing the plans saying they're "not enough" and a "setup" for Obama to trick them into voting for the inevitable cap & trade boondoggle that's coming soon. Boy, you just cannot win with these folks. I hope Obama will figure this out someday.

"Magic" Mike Steele Ain't Goin' Nowhere - I don't know how much more proof poor Michael Steele needs that the GOP doesn't consider him an HNIC, just an N. I mean, seriously, folks are asking him to step down because some randon staffer approved an expense report for $2,000 tab at a Hollywood lesbian titty bar? Really? That's grounds for stepping down? If that's so, my Day Job's CEO should prolly have quit years ago, cause we all know "corporate managerial retreat" ain't nothin' but code for "full expenses paid trip to lesbian titty bar". This happens in every organization. Blaming the guy at the top is just reckless. Tell them haters where they can shove their expense reports, Magic Mike!

No, Erykah Ba-Didn't - Man, it really, really pains me to see folks with real talent result to doing some "ho sh*t" just to stay relevant. And for the woman who invented the term "when all else fails, do some ho sh*t" to do some ho sh*t like that turrible shock video for "Window Seat" is beyond sad. This is the same woman who bought us such classics as "Call Tyrone" and "Other Side Of The Game", reduced to scrippin' in public for some lame shock viral video, all in the name of drumming up attention for an album most folks won't even bother getting off ZShare. Damn, Erykah, say it ain't so.[1]

Fox News: UnFair And Un-Negroed - We all know Fox News on-air talent has, shall I say, a lack of "color". So it's not all that surprising that they'd go steal a 3-year old LL Cool J interview to slap into the upcoming Sarah Palin's America special, just to look a bit more diverse. LL caught wind of the unauthorized use (his face was being featured on network promos) and called them out. And in a turn of events so tasteless I won't even quote them here, a Fox spokesman had to nerve to essentially say they were doing LL a favor including the unauthorized video, because it could help his "fledgling" acting career with the extra exposure. Tricks, please. James Todd Smith don't need Sarah Palin's brand of "Around The Way Girl". A classy network would have asked him first, but we'll never confuse Fox with the word "class". Besides, Sarah Palin's America prolly doesn't include too many Negroes from Queens anyway. I guess they can always go to World Star Hip Hop and steal one of those Pimpin' Curly videos. 50 sure needs the exposure.

T-Minus 2 Days Till The iPad Conquers The World! - Steve Jobs' latest killer-app finally drops Saturday. Yeah, I preordered one. It's for my wife, not me. I'll run a review once I'm back home and get a grasp of it.

Question: Should Obama have lifted the ban on offshore drilling? Should Mike Steele kick rocks before he's kicked to the curb? What'd you think of that Badu video? How shameless is Fox News for putting LL Cool J in their show without his permission, then taking a swipe at him when he called them out?

[1] On a related note, good lawd, I ain't know Miss Badu was holdin' like that. No wonder all them random emcees can't help but go bareback. Jeez.

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