Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An AB.com MultiMedia Exposé - Lloyd Marcus And Other "Woe-Is-Me" Negro Conservatives.

I couldn't blame you if you've ignored these Tea Party protests as if they're Yung Berg's Greatest Hits, but personally I find them waay too much of a train wreck to avoid. I just cannot stop watching, and seemingly every time I tune in, I see this Lloyd Marcus guy. If you're clueless (and I hope you are), he's some sort of patriotic singer who opens lots of these events (he's officially on the Tea Party Express bus) with a stirring rendition of the either the Star Spangled Banner, or some parody of a well known song refashioned as a TeaBagger Anthem. Witness him butcher "New York, New York". The Sinatra version, not the one with Ja Rule and Fat Joe.

Peep this mockery of Hall And Oates' "Sarah Smile", paying homage to you-know-who.

TeaBaggers love this guy so much, then even gave him his own "show", complete with canned applause and a green screen.

The problem here is obvious if you managed to endure that last clip. This guy is textbook "Negro Conservative", playing up his upbringing in a poor and desolate Black community, only to be rescued by White guys in nice suits. Sound familiar?

Of course it does...

...and oh yeah, this woman's running for Congress too. Good luck with that, sista!

If you need more examples, look here.

Folks, I know a damn Grand Hu$tle when I see one. And that's all this is for these folks, an easy way to get paid and advance yourself professionally by leveraging your race and downtalking a majority of black America. All you need to do is state some BS about how poorly you were raised in the ghetto, how voting for the GOP saved your life, and how the Democratic party's policies are holding Negroes back. As if ShawwQyuanzza With 6 Kids And 8 Baby Daddies' lack of personal motivation to get off her a$$ is directly coorelated to her love and admiration for Nancy Pelosi. Black folks are, and have been effed' the eff' up! Period. Putting Newt Gingrich in the White House is not going to peel back the complex layers of sh*t we've been covered in for centuries. Sorry. And if voting reliably for the GOP is such a cure-all, how come it hasn't done much to help poor whites like those in the community I was raised around?


I'd be much less critical of these folks if they just admitted they've turned to the GOP for acceptance and approval they don't receive in their own communities. If you think I'm kidding, when's the last time you've seen one of these folks talk about something other than how Black folks are held back by continually voting for Democrats? People like this, and their willy nilly sob stories make Black folks who are just genuinely Conservative[1] look bad, and give the GOP an excuse to say "see, we tolerate Black people too! We've got a few on payroll!", rather than doing the hard work of changing both their arrogant tone, and their policies that are a roadblock to making inroads with black voters.

I'm all for gaming the system and getting paid in the process, but I wish these folks would see a shrink and work out their childhood issues, rather than project them onto Black America as a whole and the Democratic Party by association.

Question: Is "Woe Is Me" Black Conservatism merely a profitable hustle or do folks like Lloyd Marcus, Kevin Jackson, and Star Parker really believe what they're saying? Does it seem like these folks' issues with Black America and the Democratic Party are somewhat more than skin-deep?

Tea Party marches to tunes of a conservative black singer [GuardianUK]

[1] I personally know many principled Black Conservatives. They don't resort to this sort of "put down lazy Negroes" rhetoric to make the point that they prefer lower taxes and less government intrusion. It IS possible. But these folks on TV... not so much. I know a Grand Hu$tle when I see one.

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