Thursday, April 1, 2010

3 Play Thursday - Nice & Smooth.

It's 3 Play Thursday. Today: Classic Rap Duo Nice & Smooth.

Like many other long-gone staples of Rap Music, the Rap Duo is a veritable dinosaur in today's playlist-driven music industry. Whereas in the past, you had groups like EPMD, Run DMC, A Tribe Called Quest, and De La Soul (DJ's don't count, sorry), today's landscape is completely devoid of duos, unless you count Outkast, which obviously I don't. Among my favorites from this bygone era in hip-hop is New York duo Nice & Smooth. Comprised of Greg Nice and Smooth B., they combined humor, wordplay, and funky sampled beats to create some classic material.

Here's a few of my favorites.

"Hip Hop Junkies"

"Funky For You"

"Dwyck" (which is actually a GangStarr song)

"No Delayin'"

"Sometimes I Rhyme Slow"

Question: What's your favorite Nice & Smooth song? Who's your favorite rap duo of all time?

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