Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We Need A JumpOff Code Of Honor (Revisited).

A few months back, when Tiger-gate broke, I made the naive suggestion that perhaps it was pretty stupid, and downright dishonorable for women who sleep with a famous, knowingly married man to go blabbing to the press. Beyond the obvious issues (ruining the man's kid's lives), jumpoffs telling-all strikes me as a particularly bad career decision. Call me crazy, but women who sleeps with famous married men usually have some prior experience in said area of expertise. A large part of being a professional groupie (and yes, such an industry does indeed exist) is discretion. If you're dumb enough to go running your mouth to The Enquirer, you're more or less telling any future mark paramour that you are incapable of performing a basic job requirement.

I'm not saying women like Jamie Jungers aren't still bangin' random PGA Tour participants, but I'm willing to bet the "hush money" she typically gets out of such a deal has decreased dramatically. Thus, kissing and telling then becomes a counterproductive, career-limiting move.

Then again, nobody mistook these women for geniuses.

Anyways, I can't help but wonder why a guy who is smart enough to become a multi-millionaire trial lawyer, a US Senator, an Veep candidate, and darn near President of the whole country wouldn't insist on inserting some sort of "hush" clause in his "agreement" with his now-very-public baby mama.
Rielle Hunter seems to be having some regrets about her her GQ spread. On The View today, Barbara Walters said she had talked to Rielle Hunter this morning.

"She was in tears when she called," said Walters, "and said that when she saw the pictures in GQ she screamed for two hours. She said she found the photographs repulsive."

So Walters says she asked if that was the case why did she pose for them? "She said she trusted Mark Seliger, whom she said is a brilliant photographer and quote, 'I went with the flow,'" recounted Walters.

Walters says Hunter "thought that having one of those photos was okay and would be sexy and that there were others that were just beautiful headshots, but that GQ picked photos to hit one note."
So, while Hunter had no problem whatsoever bedding a married man on the first night, carrying on the charade of not being the mother of his child, and posing in a man's magazine in bed with no drawls on (and disturbingly holding her child a few pages later on the same bed), suddenly she sees the final photos, realizes she has no drawls on, and is finally "repulsed".

Trick Please.

Clearly Hunter isn't working with a full deck, which of course, I blame Edwards for not seeing sooner. I mean, come on, what sort of turrible powers of judgement do you have to:

1) Go bareback on some chick you just met when you're running for POTUS.

2) Put said chick on your official campaign payroll.

3) Hide said chick at your campaign assistant's house.

4) Blame said campaign assistant when said chick's pregnancy goes public.

5) Move said chick into a huge house in the same neighborhood as your wife and family.

6) Not put a gag order on said chick as a condition of your "agreement".

I have no personal experience (nor shall I) with extramarital affairs, but even I'd assume common sense would dictate that the above are all extreme sucka moves.

And to think, I actually voted for this numbnut in twice 2004.

On second thought, eff' the jumpoffs. Perhaps there needs to be a jumpon code of honor.

Keep it in your pants.

Question: Should Rielle Hunter Go Sit Down, Shut Up, and collect them checks, or is it legally impossible for a man to put a gag order on his baby mama? Assuming it's even possible to assign blame unevenly, who is more to blame for this collective nonsense: Edwards or Hunter?!?

Rielle Hunter 'in tears' over 'repulsive' photos in 'GQ' [USAToday]

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