Monday, March 29, 2010

Wackest New Music Video Evar. Period.

I don't personally buy the "hip hop is dead" argument, precisely because there's still so much good music being made. You just have to look for it.

On the flipside, I definitely think "hip hop has the flu", mainly because advances in technology have made it easy for any ole' untalented bastard to download FruityLoops and record his own video with a flipcam. This is obviously going to lead to some bad product.

The esrtwhile Bangs now has some competition for worstest video evar. Witness the following.

[Editor's Warning: For those of you at work, this video contains somewhat scantily clad models. Be sure the boss ain't around before you press "play". I warned you.]

Jesus, I sure hope these Negroes didn't quit their Day Jobs, assuming they had any. There's so much wrong with this video, I don't know where to start.

* Video "pros" in granny drawls? [1:40] Where they do that at?

* Is that Jermaine O'Neal lookin' bama [1:20] in the bathtub with a headband on? Why?

* "Iverson" baseball jerseys? [1:27] Really?

* 6-foot high ceilings? [1:34] Lemme guess, they had to shoot this in someone's basement while they mama was at work.

* What's with the Middle Eastern lookin' chick in the background dry-humping the car [2:35], and the other one who looks 15 [2:41] that clearly can't dance a lick but is hogging the camera?

* Why is this chick doin' the Tootsie Roll? [3:05] What is this, 1994?

* What's up with the Hispanic dude standing in the background [3:14] with the ice grill? What's he so mad about? Is he thirsty? Dos cervesas, por favor.

* Oh, so that's what the Hispanic dude's in the video for. [3:24]

* This guy is clearly on the Plies Diet And Exercise Plan. [3:50]

* Please don't mention "The Lord" is the midst of this f*ckery. Please. [4:22]

* Rape! Rape! [4:45]

Question: What YOU thirsty fo'?!?

* Hat tip to C&D.

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