Monday, March 15, 2010

Too Much Glenn Beck, And Too Little Common Sense.

"Crisis Garden"?!?

See what happens when you use irrational fear of The Beige One to scare poor trailer park dwellers into buying gun, anno, and overpriced gold? Now seemingly another post-apocalyptic cottage industry is springing up preying on the poor sheep listeners of Conservative media everyday. And now, you got these morons peddling seeds for $150. Seeds!!! Yeah, the same packs of seeds you could go down to Duane Reade and get 5 for $5.

I'll tell ya', this goes waaaay beyond a typical Grand Hu$tle, all the way into "someone oughta call the Better Business Bureau" territory. Pity the poor sap who just spent part of his refund check on this nonsense.

Question: Are "Survival Seeds" the final frontier in "The Fear Of A Black Prez Industrial Complex", or is something even more inane still out there, just begging to be sold next? What will it be next? Air? Dirt? Sunlight? Can Obama actually take people's sunlight?

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