Tuesday, March 9, 2010

McDonald's Is Killing The Black Community... Softly.

Give it to the fine folks at McDonald's. In these trying economic times, they prove their marketing savvy by creating some of the most catchy, albeit stereotypical commercials to keep Black folks coming back for more McRibs and Fruit & Yogurt Parfaits[1]. Case in point is the latest installment in their "R&B McNuggets" series, which combines three things Negroes simply can not resist: Chicken, R&B Music, and Lightskinnded Women. Witness this...

Here's the original, in case you missed it, which I seriously doubt.

Personally, I think Bootleg Trey Songz and Trophy NBA Wife are getting a little stale. How bout' we give these folks a shot?

Hypertension and Bad Gospel Sangin'. A Match Made in Heaven.

Yup, I'm Lovin' It Too.

Question: Are these R&B McNuggets commercials stereotypically racist, or merely givin' the people what they want? Who exactly are the two folks in this ad? They look sorta familiar.

[1] As if.

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