Monday, March 22, 2010

HCR: The Morning After.

Depending on who you are, last night was either the culmination of a century-long effort to ensure equal rights for all, or the first step in the systematic takeover of your internal organs by evil bureaucrats in DC. You can prolly guess which camp I fall in.

I didn't share my random thoughts sooner because of time constraints, but here's a few parting thoughts.

It Ain't Perfect, But Something Needed To Be Done - Folks, the bill isn't perfect. No bill is. There's no way the Feds can pass legislation limiting fraud, driving down HC premiums, or getting people to make healthy life decisions. No way. And yes, I believe this will probably add to the deficit over time. But guess what? Who cares? Something needed to be done. Much of what's in the bill will go into effect immediately. The stuff that's not so great will be gradually refined (by both parties) over time. My sense is the more folks enjoy the sausage, the less they'll care about how it was made.

The Cost - Yeah, $1B over 10 years sounds like a lot, but consider what's being covered here. Then consider the fact that we spent a cool $1B (and going) on both those wars we're still engaged in since 2001. I've yet to see a TeaParty protester complain about that bar tab. Have you?

Taxes, Schmaxes - Taxes, like death, are a given. Initially, the taxes for this bill will fall squarely on the shoulders of the wealthy and those with "Cadillac" health plans. Raise your hand if you fall in either category. At some point, taxes for the rest of us will likely go up to cover this. But guess what: taxes are gonna go up at some point anyway, simply because stuff costs money, and by virture of this weird thing called "inflation", that cost of that stuff gradually rises over time. Cutting taxes (especially for the wealthy) and not paying for sh*t (ie: two wars and a prescription drug bill) is why we're running the crazy deficit we are right now. You have no say-so over how your tax money is used. If you don't like this, good luck finding another country with lower taxation and all the same freedoms as the US.

The TeaBaggers Are Toast - So, when folks rally by the tens of thousands for a whole year, yet still catch an "L" on their signature initiative, what do they do next? Pundits would tell you they're going to be even madder and will keep showing up for rallies. I disagree. Those poor TeaBaggers who I saw in person Saturday don't look like fighters. They look like sheep. Obama and Co. will be on to the next one in a few weeks, and some of these folks will actually realize that not getting dropped or denied coverage for preexisting conditions is a good thing. Sure, the multi-millionaires who fire them up and give them their marching orders will keep beating a busted drum, but I don't see this "movement" moving much more.

The Dems Aren't Necessarily Toast - The American Collective Attention Span is short. Folks forget sh*t real quick, which explains how George Bush somehow made gay marriage the number one issue in 2004 and miraculously won re-election despite having already run the country into the ground. The economy will again become the number one focus, in just in case you haven't been paying attention, it's already improving. The Dow is pushing 11,000. The unemployment rate is dropping. People are going back to work. It hasn't been a magical turnaround, but then again, rebuilding Rome prolly would take more than 14 months, too. Sure, some Dems will lose their seats, but with things getting better than HCR in the rear view mirror, it won't be nearly as bad as some think.

The GOP Is So Insincere - Watching Orange-Boy Boehner and the rest of the GOP assclowns up there pretending to care about "The American People" was beyond laughable. Not only did these folks have 6 years of Bush to get something done on HCR (and do nothing), but they "bill" they suggested as an alternative to ObamaCare is the biggest joke I've heard since BeBe's Kids. Does anyone remember the BS they submitted to the CBO last Fall? If not, go have a look, and tell me if you think they had any intentions all along of doing anything to help "The American People".

"The American People" - If I hear one more person on either side of the aisle use this term, I am gon' cut somebody. There is no such thing as "The American People". I haven't personally been polled for anything, nor has anyone I know personally. How politrician after politrician can pretend to know what "The American People" outside their own personal echo chamber actually wants is beyond me. Actually, that's wrong. We do know what "The American People" want. They told us on November 4th, 2008.

Obama Might Be A Bit Too Good For This Job - President Obama made history last night, but I wonder if history, the way its being written today, will even reflect the enormity of what he just pulled off. I personally think Barack Obama is a guy of great character, intelligence, and integrity. And while I am now squarely back in the "approves" corner, it still strikes me that maybe this isn't the right job for him. A brilliant guy surrounded by idiots (on both sides, but especially his own party), he seems like he's just above the nonsense he has to deal with as President. It sounds a bit silly to say this guy "deserves better", but honestly, I sometimes think the job of President is a bit beneath him. How he manages to "dumb it down" and deal with some the sh*t flung at him is beyond me. I'm happy this guy is our President, but I can't help but wonder if even he has regrets about what he got himself into.

Question: What are your thoughts on "The Morning After".

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