Monday, March 22, 2010

AverageNation™ March Madness: Week One Results.

Like most of America, I didn't watch as much BBall this weekend since I was spellbound by the political pRon HCR deliberations. This is probably for the better, since by bracket was screwed when Kansas (my pick to win it all) got bounced. Even with that epic bracket-fail, I still managed to keep my head above water, and in after the first round of AverageNation™ March Madness, I'm still near the top. Which is good, cause man, it would really suck to end up on the a$$-end of your own pyramid.

Congrats to Markus Liles for wearing the crown after Week One. But watch your back, buddy. We got plenty more games left to play.

Question: How messed up is your bracket?!?

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