Tuesday, March 30, 2010

AB.Com Rewind - Enough "Nice White Lady" Movies, Already!

[Editor's Note: don't be swayed by the whimsical nature of this post. There's a semi-serious question at the bottom.]

Please don't bother asking how this happened, but I somehow managed to find myself watching a godawful WifeTime movie called Fighting the Odds: The Marilyn Gambrell Story the other day. Perhaps you've seen this movie, but just in case you haven't, just watch 10 seconds of this dreadful trailer and fill in the blanks.

Seriously, haven't we had enough of these "Nice White Folks Save The Ghetto Kids Through Sheer Will And Determination" movies already? Dangerous Minds, Hardball, Wildcats, The Ron Clark Story, Finding Forrester, Take The Lead, Freedom Writers. Seen one, you seen em' all.

So, I wanna test ya'll's knowledge of this shopworn Hollyweird formula, mad-libs style. First person to fill in all the blanks successfully wins a prize.
New, from Lion's Gate pictures, in association with ________________ productions, and director __________ ________, comes the movie _____________ ____________ _________ starring __________ ___________ as a woman who leaves a lucrative job as a ___________ to help combat the ____________ of ________-city schools. By the sheer power of her ____________, she makes a difference in the lives of teens from ___________ homes, who struggle to avoid ___________ and _________ in the __________ jungle, where every day is a fight to ____________.

____________ will help these children unlock their inner __________, by making them ___________ in themselves. Using _____________ and ______________ to express themselves, the kids confront the _____________ ______________ and gain _______________ to help them navigate a ________________ ________________. But will they show enough improvement in their _______________ _____________ to prevent the __________ _________ from shutting the program down?

With an inspiring soundtrack featuring the music of ____________, ______________ and _____________ _________, __________ ____________ ___________ is the feelgood movie of the summer, culminating a touching scene where the students bond with their teacher by showing her how to _____________.
Can you fill in all the right answers?

Question: Why does Hollyweird have this odd obsession with "Whites saving Blacks" movies? Can you complete the mad lib above? Just cut and paste your answers into the comments, filling in the answers where the blanks are. What's your (least?) favorite Nice White Lady movie?

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