Monday, March 8, 2010 NewsBriefs.

[Editor's Note: I'm actually working hard today, so time's limited. Here's my take on a few stories in the news right now. No links are provided, cause I aint' got time. If you're clueless about any of what's being discussed, Google it.]

Oscar Who?!? - I'll admit, I didn't see any of the Oscars beyond the better than expected opening number by Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. I was too busy watching my Wizards blow a big 4th quarter lead against that a-hole Kevin Garnett [1] and the Celtics. But congrats to Monique[2] and Sandra Bullock[3]. Folks, we should just accept the fact that unless something is "authentically black", it ain't winning an Oscar. Ghetto dysfunction (Precious), criminality (Training Day), sangin' (Ray), and gettin' turned out by Billy Bob Thornton (the turrible Monster's Ball) are all "authentically black". So is helpin' a loafish, mumbling Negro become an NFL All-Pro by the power of sheer will (The Blind Side) and the loving touch of all-curing whiteness. Don't hate, appreciate. It is what it is. It doesn't diminish the accomplishments of these fine actors and actresses one bit.

Obama Waffles - I personally thought holding the KSM terror trials in NYC was a good idea initially, but happened to agree with Mayor Bloomberg when he said he didn't want the trials in Lower Manhattan because of the excessive cost and congestion a two year ordeal would bring. Since I ate my lunch outdoors in front of that courthouse, and walked the very route KSM and Co. would take every day last Summer during my stay in NYC, I happen to agree. So why not just relocate the trial somewhere upstate (ie: Poughkeepsie, where the local mayor welcomes the economic jolt) and keep it movin'? Recent news that Obama and Co. are now considering scrapping a criminal trial and having this decided by military tribunal show what happens when an administration pays too much attention to Fox News, and not enough attention to its own principles. Obama Fail!

GOP.PPT - I'm still a bit shocked at how little press last week's outed GOP PowerPoint got. Seriously, the blueprint for manipulating Conservative voters and donors was more or less leaked, when some idiot left a copy of it in a hotel room. Beyond the ignorance of the Obama Joker/Pelosi Cruella De Ville images, the fact that the party thinks so little of those they are supposed to represent was startling. Watching Mike Steele tapdance his way around this way even funnier. If you're a registered Republican, why aren't you angry about your party treating you like this?

Dems In Hot Water - Three New York lawmakers are on the hot seat for separate, but equally explosive issues. It was about time Charlie Rangel finally had to pay the piper for years of under-the-table maneuverings. Congressman Eric Massa is stepping down today for allegedly "sexually harassing" a male staffer, which could mean a million things. And finally, the witch hunt to further sully the reputation of Governor David Paterson continues. Seriously, the other day, they were criticizing the guy for accepting free Knicks tickets. Really? The Knicks should be paying him for showing up at games, turrible as they are.

Big Ben In Big Trouble - Either Steeler's QB "Big" Ben Roethlisberger is the victim of a left-wing media conspiracy, or he's got some serious issues when it comes to respecting the ladies and the word "no". For those of you looking for some racial equality in how Roethlisberger's (alleged) sexual assault will be played out the media, vs say, Michael Vick's, don't hold your breath.

Question: Any comments on my NewsBriefs?

[1] Seriously, I hate trash talkers, and now that this guy's game is in steady decline, all he can do it talk, and talk, and talk. His antics of late (barking on all fours, yelling at teammates till they cry, "getting in opposing players heads") are just embarrassing, and borderline disrespectful of the game. I always thought this dude was an overrated jumpshooter, and now that his skills are eroding, seeing him got 0-for-The Whole Game is going to become commonplace. Props to Andray Blatche for playing a good game vs the guy he models himself after. Hope he learned from this meltdown.

[2] And to celebrate, Mo'Nique's husband had a threesome with a couple of extras from Avatar.

[3] I know, she isn't black. Did you finish reading the paragraph?

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