Thursday, March 4, 2010

3 Play Thursday - GangStarr.

It's 3 Play Thursday. Today: Classic Rap Duo GangStarr.

News earlier this week that legendary rapper Guru had a stroke and was in critical condition sent shockwaves throughout the rap community. And unfortunately, as is often the case in this Twitter-driven society, rumors floated that Guru had slipped from his coma into the afterlife. That's not true. As of this posting, the man is still very much alive. Pray for him.

With his Producer DJ Premier, Guru formed GangStarr, one of the hardest rap duos of all time. Primo's innovative use of obscure samples and Guru's clever wordplay made for several albums full of classic material, and here's to hoping they're able to make more in the future. Get well soon Guru.

Here's a few of my GangStarr favorites.

"Words I Manifest"

"Dwyck" ft. Nice & Smooth

"Mass Appeal"

Question: What's your favorite GangStarr song? Who's your favorite rap duo of all time?

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