Tuesday, February 16, 2010

WorkPlace 101: Quit Your Day Job.

I'm sure this sounds incredibly lame and probably a bit patronizing, but it just hit me today: I really, really, really enjoy my Day Job.

The other day we were watching some show about folks who hit the lottery, and AverageSis asks me what I'd do if we somehow managed to hit the numbers. Contrary to what most people say, I wouldn't quit my job, at least not immediately. I think it's part of a man's DNA to need to be "good" at something. Sure, every man should ideally be a great husband, parent, and friend, but beyond that, there's a natural instinct to have something you do well and can take pride in. It's no wonder that many men who win the Lotto end up going back to work at some point. You can call this sad if you'd like, but hey, it's just how some of us are wired.

Since I sorta like my Day Job, I might wait awhile before I gave 2 week's notice. I mean, seriously, what's not to like? I'm well compensated. I'm really good at what I do. I like the folks I work with. And yeah, I'm writing this post sitting in a very expensive hotel on Ocean Drive. I could find far worse things to do with my 40+ hours a week. Sure, I'd eventually quit and find a way to coach or otherwise work with kids at some point, but I'm an engineer. It's just who I am. No escaping that. No need to escape it.

I realize this sounds dangerously close to a couple of other editions of WorkPlace 101, but I'm wondering what ya'll think.

Question: If money were no option, what would you rather be doing for a living? Are you actually doing what you planned all along on doing, or did your plans change at some point?

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