Wednesday, February 24, 2010

White Chicks Winning A Step Show? Welcome To Post-Racial America.

I'm a proud Kappa Man, and I can do a lil' cane twirling, but never really dug the whole steppin' thing. Regardless, I give props to anyone willing to put up with weeks and weeks of training for hours a day, all for a phony competition that could be completely blown if someone happens to slip and fall. Step shows are no joke, the dedication and discipline necessary to pull one off aren't to be underestimated.

Which is why I was a little miffed when I heard something called "Zeta Tau Alpha" won the big Sprite Step-Off last weekend in ATL. Don't they mean "Zeta Phi Beta", or "Alpha Phi Alpha"? Surely this had to be a misprint.

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Turns out, not only wasn't it a misprint, but "Zeta Tau Alpha" is a sorority. Full of white chicks. And yeah, they're actually pretty good. Scratch that, they're actually very good.

I know, there have been white folks pledging the Elite Eight since the beginning of time, but this one's still a little mind blowing to say the least.

Post-racial America, indeed.

Question: Is this yet another indication of the post-racial America we live in? Did these chicks actually win on merit alone, or did the "awww sh*t, them white girls is bad" factor help them, in a reverse-discrimination sorta way?

Wait, Who Won The Sprite Step Off?!? [TheSmokingSection]

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