Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Would You Do?!? - Elevator Sangin'.

Like most people who love music, I love singing. I also happen to have enough self-awareness to know I can't sing all that well, so I usually restrict my crooning to places and times when I'm totally by myself. This often means singing in the car, or better yet, in the elevator, where you really can get a nice echo chamber effect going if you're loud enough.

[Editor's Note: Just in case you were wondering that this whole WWYD series of posts is about, the premise is simple: to hear how you guys would respond to a common occurrence in my life, and to analyze what this says about human nature. It's amateur psychology. That is all. Quit overthinking and answer the freakin' question already.]

I don't know why, but the other day, I'm fleeing leaving the office after a particularly taxing afternoon, and the following song is in my head. Don't judge me, I'm sure some of ya'll have far cornier stuff in yours.

So, I'm in the elevator, sangin' the hook (the only part I know, and butchering the words too) to "I'm Like A Bird" as loud as I can, when the doors unexpectedly open on the 7th floor. I group of attorneys whose firm shares our building are looking at me, mouth agape.

I'm wondering what ya'll would do in this situation.
1) Laugh and play it off.

2) Don't say nothin'. Just share at them like you're crazy.

3) Keep on' sangin'.
Ok, ya'll tell me...

Question: What would you do? 1, 2, or 3?!? What does your response say about your personality? Got any songs cornier than "I'm Like A Bird" stuck in your head today?

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