Sunday, February 7, 2010

What The Heck Was That On Sarah Palin's Hand?!?

I too noticed Sarah Palin had some words scribbled on her hand during last night's epic TeaBagger I Have A Dream Speech, but I figured it was some inspirational prose, you know, sorta like how football players write biblical verses on their eye black, or like how NBA players write odes to their suspended teammates on their sneakers. My guess was, she had something like her kids names, a new moose chili recipe she thought up on the way over, or the SKU numbers of all the new shoes she was gonna buy when that $100,000 check cleared written down. You know, inspirational stuff.

I woulda never guessed she'd written Cliff Notes/Cheat Sheets in the palm of her hands.

Uh, seriously, who the hell does this? Even 8th graders, in the age of smart phones, don't write sh*t in the palm of their hands for future reference. It's amazing that the guy posing all the softball questions didn't make note of this.

Then again, actually, it's not surprising. That guy is such a sycophant, and those questions were so fluffy, he prolly had an erection the entire time.

I suppose I should point out the obvious here. President Obama is routinely assailed as being an empty suit because he reads so elegantly from a teleprompter. What exactly does that make a person who reads off the palm of her clammy hands?

An empty skirt, perhaps?

Question: What was actually written on Sarah Palin's hand? Be creative, but keep it civil. Best caption gets a week's supply of Cyber Capri Suns.

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