Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Video Vixen Color Complex.

I admit, the premise of this is interesting, but the quality... man, did they just grab a camcorder one weekend and decide "let's shoot a documentary"? Still, worth a look.

Some things about this video sorta disturbed me...

Cassidy - Is this Nig... errr, "African American" serious? Unless I'm hearing him wrong, he's saying they don't put darker skinned models in videos because it's harder for them to show up on camera due to lighting constraints. WTF? Negro Please.

Rick Ross - Uhhh, did this chick think she was gonna get some serious psychosomaticonlogical answer to the issue of colorism from an overweight guy who can't go 5 seconds without yelling out "BAWSE!"?!? I sure hope not.

Dr. Norment - How come the allegedly "educated" experts in all these docs seem to be the least provocative people? Give this guy the trophy for Mr. Obvious.

Pusha T - "Good chocolate skin... with a good, good perm!" I suppose I get what he was trying to say, but that sh*t just came out really, really wrong.

Angela Yee - Man, I love me some Angela Yee. Nothing bad to say here.

Bonus: The same lightskinned black chick who did this doc complains about the lack of brownskinned black women in that Wale video.

I don't really know how to read this one, but homegirl lost me when she uttered the phrase "being as though". Sorry, when you drop a "being as though" or "I feel as though", any shred of of intelligence or credibility you might have had evaporates immediately. Sorry, it's a DC Thang.

What do ya'll think?

Question: Do video vixens really set standards for Black beauty, or is this influence completely overrated? What (if anything) can be done to bring more equity to the popular conceptions of black beauty? Does anything need to be done?

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