Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Special Saturday Edition Of The RoundTable.

[Editor's Note - is an equal opportunity soapbox, thus the inclusion of frequent Guest Posts to keep things well-rounded, avoiding the echo-chamber effect. The Roundtable tosses out a handful of questions to our AverageContributors™ and runs the best replies. On deck today are The Uppity Negro, Spool32, The EbonyGentleman, Ezra, and my homegirl OneChele. Enjoy this Special Saturday Edition. And by "Special Saturday Edition", I mean "I forgot to schedule this to run Friday."]

I usually edit the RoundTable responses for the sake of brevity, but all 5 contributors really bought it this time, so I'm running their answers in their entirety.

Question One: President Obama is inviting his political opponents on the right to a Healthcare "workshop" later this month. Is there any such thing as "bipartisanship" in today's politics? What will Obama have to do to get his signature Healthcare legislation passed?
Ezra - When your favorite team is playing its most hated rival do you want the rival to win? No. You want your guys to crush the opposition. Obama's problem is- it's such a liberal value to all work together and be nice and cooperative. That's downright Communist! But, when GOP shame outweighs their cynicism... he'll pass it... with about 2 GOP votes. The GOP will still hate it- even though it's filled with their ideas. And then they'll keep their jobs by blaming the Dems for socialism and bloated government.

OneChele - I think the Republicans have adopted a c*ck-block philosophy. They can't have any so NO one gets satisfaction. They've decided it's worth it to them to fall as long as they take everybody down with them. So to answer your question - no there is no bipartisanship. The Healthcare legislation will get passed if the Dems can find one or two Repubs to come towards the light. I suggest sending out operatives to dig up dirt on Cornyn or McConnell, somebody has a spicy mistress aspiring model personal friend stashed somewhere. If that doesn't work, hide the hair products. That will befuddle those side-part-combover-loving fellas long enough to zip the bill though.

EbonyGent - Bipartisanship hasn't really been seen since this century began. It's all about majority power now. It's sad really, because many middle and lower class Americans haven't had any true benefit from the inner workings of Congress. If you have power, money and influence you get the crumbs. It doesn't surprise me really.

Spool - Pelosi aides are reporting they have reconciliation worked out, so he may have to do nothing but convince the GOP to show up, then hope the public is too confused by this whole "how a bill becomes law" thing to understand what happened. One thing Obama could have done is not write his bill in haiku form and mail it to the Speaker for translation into legislative language. I think Also, arguing that up is down, hot is cold, and spending billions more saves money would be a good plan. My wife uses this logic to justify spending money on the 2-for-1 sale at DSW, but it doesn't work on me. Usually.
Question Two: Sarah Palin recently addressed the Tea Party Nation convention to rave reviews, and announced that she would consider running for President if the climate is right. Do you understand Palin's appeal? Do you think she is serious about running, or is this simply a grand hu$tle to string along her followers so she can continue to cash in?
Spool - Grand Hu$tle. Palin won't be quiet about a run in 2012 because she's like a bug zapper for the progressive left... every time she steps out, some idiot columnist explodes his career attacking her. Look at Andrew Sullivan... before the 2008 GOP Convention, people took him seriously. Remember that? Next up: Robert Gibbs. He should have written "Bread, Milk, Don't Be an Idiot" on his hand. So she's got appeal, if in no other way than drawing the liberal moths to her flame. When the time comes for her to lose gracefully, who will still have enough credibility to attack Obama's real challenger?

Uppity - Sarah Palin should start a comedy tour. I mean this is a one woman show full of hilarity. The funny thing is that she's serious! But just watching her is comedy. Her in the White House would give bloggers and new commentators new life. Move over Gerald Ford!

OneChele - Please don't get me started on Say-Pay. I dislike her with an intensity usually reserved for roaches and the stomach flu. I get it. She's a white woman with a folksy "I'm just like you!" vibe. The fact that people can't see through it to the scheming, scamming, get-money chick underneath it all is amazing to me. No, she's not serious about running. There are skeletons in that Alaskan closet (right next to Russia doncha know?) that will come flying out full-force if she ever does more than provide a coiffed talking head for a movement as full of moose droppings as she is. Did I mention that I dislike her?

Ezra - No, she's not serious about running because once you're the HEAD of said bloated government you so despise then you're just part of the problem. She's too idealistic, she loves America (the real parts) too much to be part of the problem. Plus, the Presidency doesn't pay as well as the "teabagging" gig she has at the ole' boys club (ladies get in free before 11).

EbonyGent - Sarah's appeal? Palin's a MILF. MILF's get far in this world. Even at her age, Palin can get some vaginal labia reconstruction and some WD40 for the inner walls. Not much different from a trip to Jiffy Lube.
Question Three: One year into the Obama Administration, Michelle Obama has graced the covers of nearly every major magazine, even many magazines that don't typically celebrate black women. Has there been a tangible Michelle Obama Effect on modern-day standards of black beauty?
Uppity - Hell no. AB, you've been on those conservative websites and over the last year we've seen people criticize her for wearing her arms out and when she had worn shorts on the family vacation. They just mad cause they can't do it.

Ezra - Yeah, every black woman in the country is jealous of that perfect, silky, straight hair, the flawless shoulders, and the heiress persona, with the legs-that-go-all-the-way-down-to-the-floor. Thanks, Michelle, for raising the standard. Thanks a lot. At least she's just a trophy wife with no education whatsoever. (How could the GOP ever compete with this couple. No wonder they're pissed.)

OneChele - Amen, yes, and can I say Amen again? Not only has she had an impact on standards of black beauty, she has raised the profile of the educated, accomplished black female as well. In a society where half-naked celebutantes are idolized by young girls, it's noteworthy and satisfying to have a sister doing us proud. I did a roundtable with some kids for Black History Month kick-off a few weeks ago. We probed their ideals about beauty and asked which females they most admired for style and beauty the votes were split evenly between Rihanna and Michelle Obama. Now that tells me something.

EbonyGent - Michelle is an Anomaly. She lies in the bed next to the POTUS, and doesn't have to softshoe or cook pancakes with a red do-rag on. That's a powerful black female. The Majority isn't used to seeing that.
Question Four: Apple recently unveiled the new iPad, which hits stores in the Spring. Will you cop one, or is there too little difference between it and the iPhone/iPod Touch to justify the price tag?
OneChele - As much as I respect Apple for keeping it iPimpin' - no. It's a netbook without the lid. It's a 10-inch iTouch without the portability. It's a... hustle.

Ezra - I have a challenge with my brother- first one to buy an iPad gets a bottle of bourbon from the loser. Let's face it- there's absolutely no need to have an iPad. But, I believe it will change my life for the better. Just like my Macbook and my iPhone. (Still, I'd rather buy the bottle of bourbon and wait for the second generation iPad. Don't tell my brother.)

Spool - No iPad for me. I use the Droid, because I believe in Open Source. I'd rather spend my money on a netbook with ubuntu, and live on the actual Cutting Edge, rather than the Marketing Edge.

Uppity - MAYBE if Apple debut's the MaxiPad I may buy it. Otherwise, the iPad is either a glorified iPhone without talking capabilities or a bootleg MacBook without a DVD slot. #ontothenextone
Question Five: A mishmash lineup of Singers, Rappers, and Random Entertainers recently gathered to record a remake of the seminal 80's hit, "We Are The World" to raise money for Haitian Earthquake relief. Are "benefit songs" like WATW genuine philanthropy, or merely an exercise in superficial celebrity vanity?
EbonyGent - Singing a song doesn't feed hungry people. It just makes hungry people's ears bleed. It didn't work in Africa, nor will it work in Haiti. You want to help? Sell some of that bling and buy stacks of supplies, then get in that private jet and fly it YOURSELF to Haiti. Then put it in the people's hands YOURSELVES.

Ezra - When I was eleven, that song was awesome. I was like, It's soooo true, we ARE the world. But when I gredw up and realized that Lionel Richie not only made the song, but also made Nicole Richie, you start to wonder whether you want his values instilled in your children. Change begins at home, Lionel.

Spool - The day of the benefit song has passed. In an age of pandora, mp3 sharing, and 4gb usb drives for $15, there's no way to actually raise any money for a worthy cause by selling a song. Stop massaging celebrity egos and just text 90999.

OneChele - Let's be real, this is a photo-op set to music. Sometimes good music but mostly not. If it pours some dollars Haiti's way - I'm all for it but let's not pretend it's more than it is. If these celebs really wanted to help, they could each show up with a check for $1 million and a pledge for a percentage of future profits to go for the cause. Who’s with me?! **crickets** Or not… let’s see that video again.
Question: Got any answers for our questions? Wanna be on the next edition of The RoundTable?

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