Saturday, February 6, 2010

Scenes From The TeaBagger's Ball...

The TeaBaggers have invaded Nashville, and yeah, I've watched a bit of this spectacle on TV when I haven't been changing diapers and shoveling show. How could I resist such a cluster?

[Editor's Note: Since these guys hate taxes so much, I wonder if they paid the hotel taxes, and are going to report any profits from merchandise sold to the IRS. If they were really gangsta, they wouldn't. But then again, we know this is all just posturing. These sad and pathetic people wouldn't bust a grape.]

Sarah Palin hasn't spoken yet, but here's just a handful of the lowlights thus far...

They needed a Negro so this whole thing didn't appear as racist as it is. Any Negro would do. Notice how the guy who introduces Angela McGlowan doesn't even read anything from her bio. Because, it's obvious, he doesn't know her. She's black though, and that's all that counts. See, we can't be racist, we hired a black woman to come here, and we didn't even ask her to refill our coffee!

This lady needs some Prozac and a clue. I really, really, really hope she isn't going to actually hang this up in her house. As much as all those extra lame Obama shirts I see in the hood' irk me, this larger than life portrait is even creepier.

Birthers don't die, they multiply. You thought the whole "birth certificate" thing was done when, well, Obama provided documentation, but oh no, some folks still ain't convinced. Witness this douche, who tries to draw a nonsensical parallel between Obama and Jesus, because neither had a birth certificate. Get it?!? Funny huh?

A grown man role playing. Wow. What the f*ck is this, Redneck Dungeons and Dragons? What sorta grown man not only comes out in public dressed like that, but goes full-on with the faux British Accent. Dude, you are from Georgia. What a douche.

TeaBagger designated Douche-In-Chief, Tom Tancredo, wants to bring back "literacy tests". Hey Tommy, can you spell "A$$hole"?!?

If there's anything that sticks out here, it's that if Palin actually intends on running for any office (which, again, I seriously doubt), she'll inevitably be cornered by some elitist liberal journalist and forced to either co-sign or condemn much of the ignorant bullshit (literacy tests, birthers, Angela McGlowan's lacefront) on display here. Then again, she's pocketing $100k for a speech, so hey, she prolly couldn't care less long as the check clears.

Question: Would you have attended the TeaBagger's Ball if someone gave you free tickets?

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