Friday, February 26, 2010

The Poor Negro Savagely Beaten By Epic Beard Man Finally Speaks.

Fast forward to the 55 second mark to hear homeboy discuss this beatdown. Personally, if I caught this sorta L, and it got YouTubed, I'd prolly be somewhere hiding my face in shame for the rest of the year.

Things I learned from this episode of When Negro Nonsense Meets Caucasian Craziness:
1) Don't mess with anybody on the bus.

2) Don't ride the bus.

3) Walking is really not that tiresome, and it beats riding the bus, cause folks on
the bus are crazy.

4) Cornrows are really, really, really played out.

5) We need Universal Healthcare, cause I'd hate to see this brother's medical bills.

6) YouTube is the Devil's Playground.
Too bad this fella didn't think before he spoke. Sometimes, it pays to just sit down and shut the f*ck up.

Question: What did you learn from this?

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