Monday, February 15, 2010

Open Topics Day.

I am out of pocket today, and I really have nothing to talk about anyway. So, I am going to toss out a handful of recommended topics for y'all to go in on. If you got better stuff to shoot the breeze on, have at it.

1. NBA All Star Game - Pulls record crowd in Dallas, but except for halftime show, was boring as heck, even with close finish. Is it time for the NBA to mix it up a bit?

2. Alicia Keys vs Shakira - Who was less boring?

3. The Michael Vick Experiment - I actualy liked the one episode I saw. Can this help rehab his image?

4. Valentines Day - How was yours? Is VDay overrated?

5. Miami - Tell me some "must visit" spots.

Question: Got anything you wanna talk about?

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