Monday, February 1, 2010

Here Today, Gone To Maui.

Another post-racial trailblazer just celebrated his first year in office. Not that you noticed, but lost in the shuffle of last week's SOTU address was the mile-marker of "Magic" Mike[1] Steele's ascension to the GOP's HNIC.

It's been an eventful year for Steele, in more ways than I care to share here. The man's managed to succeed in spite of the walking epic fail he is, mostly because the astroturfed Tea Party movement exposed the Democrats for the yellow bellied, squishy cowards they are, and scared them into not getting anything done. Steele can't really claim any actual credit for wins in VA, NJ, and MA, but that sure doesn't mean he hasn't tried. And as a result, the GOP has been able to resist the urge to send him packing.

Steele, meanwhile, sent himself, and much of the RNC packing last week, to a strange, foreign, elitist, exotic place.
The Republican National Committee winter meetings kicks off in Hawaii on Wednesday, but GOP Chairman Michael Steele -- who picked the tropical location -- insists there will be serious business involved.

"Relax," Steele said while sporting a Hawaiian shirt and a flower lei. "We're working hard here, trust me. This is not a vacation."

Steele said the the meetings will "expose Hawaii to the rest of America." He told KHON, a local TV station, that it was important for the RNC, "as a party," to be in Hawaii, the home state of President Obama.

Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle told the Honolulu Advertiser that hotel rates for the 168-delegate summit are less than what they would be in Washington, DC. The RNC's agenda includes strategy sessions on fundraising, polling, and candidate recruitment.

Hawaii's lieutenant governor James "Duke" Aiona, who is running for governor, and Charles Djou, running to fill Democratic Rep. Neil Abercrombie's House seat, will be speaking at the event.
I'm sure you're wondering, just how can the RNC underhandedly endorse "birthers" on one hand, yet spend tens of thousands of dollars on a "working retreat" in the very same state where our illegitimate President was allegedly "born"?

I'm wondering too.

In typical Steele fashion, he used to occasion to make more unnecessary news by clapping back on some reporters.

Lovely. Just lovely.

Question: How come no Democrat has the balls to call out the GOP for flaunting such wealth and opulence during a time of economic despair? Is the RNC hesitant to fire Steele "cause he Black", or is he actually doing a good enough job to keep himself employed.

Michael Steele Says RNC Hawaii Strategy Session Is 'Not A Vacation' [HuffPost]

[1] For those still clueless about why I call him "Magic" Mike, click here. If you were born after 1985, you might miss this reference.

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