Sunday, February 28, 2010

The First Nominee For A-Hole Of The Decade.

For millions of Americans who have been out of work, and are awaiting the slow, but gradual turnaround of the economy, unemployment and healthcare benefits are one of the few things keeping them afloat. The Feds have extended unemployment benefits multiple times, using entitlement set asides that were a large, but seldom discuss part of last year's oft-criticized Stimulus Package. While many look at the negligible effect on the unemployment rate (some economists say we'd be closer to %13 without it), it's hard to deny the fact that entitlements have prevented this recessions effects from being more devastating. People who might not otherwise be able to are still paying their bills, still feeding their kids, and still contributing to the economy without having to totally deplete their life savings. For any a$$hole that thinks "the government should just get out of our way", I'd kindly ask that you return any and all entitlements you've received as a result of the Stimulus.

Of course, this sort of common sense legislation doesn't make any sense to the GOP, because, hey, they're against any and all gubb'ment spending that doesn't apply to the military. Witness this latest example of extreme douchery, courtesy of Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning.
The Senate will pass an unemployment benefits extension this week, Sen. Jon Kyl said Sunday, but said it was right of Sen. Jim Bunning, R-Ky., to hold up the legislation last week because the money to pay for it hasn't been found.

Speaking on "Fox News Sunday," Kyl said Bunning's decision to block a $10 billion temporary extension of jobless aid was to point out the hypocrisy of the Senate exempting the legislation from a just-passed bill requiring Congress to pay for legislation as it comes up, commonly referred to as PAYGO.

"All Senator Bunning was saying is that it should be paid for," Kyl said. "It will pass, though, because it's a temporary extension."

Unemployment insurance and COBRA benefits are set to expire at the end of the day on Sunday for about 1 million out-of-work Americans.

The failure to pass an extension reflects partly the partisan gridlock that has stalled the Democratic legislative agenda and partly the power of one senator to use their privilege to object to votes that don't require a roll call.

Bunning's move may have only delayed legislation for a few days, but it has brought out the worst in some. So far this weekend, police have checked out two of Bunning's offices for bomb threats.
Essentially, this guy is holding up the extension of benefits for millions of Americans, just because he can. The fact that Jon Kyl essentially co-signs this right, and no fellow GOPer has stepped up and called this idiot out for pulling such a prank speaks volumes.

I saw comedian Mike Epps over the weekend here in DC. Day Day ain't as funny in person, but he had one very good point. He said Obama basically needs to just walk over the the Hill, line up all his detractors in one room, and serenade them all with one great big "F*ck You!"

Considering how the GOP seems hellbent on opposing anything that could help Americans in this time of need, I couldn't agree more.

Question: Is there any excuse for Bunning pulling this sorta stunt? If you receive unemployment benefits, do you feel like you're mooching off the gubb'ment, or is it indeed the duty of the Feds to help out when people are in need?

Jobless Benefits to End, But Likely Only For a Couple Days [FoxNews]

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