Monday, February 15, 2010

A Few Notes From The Management Of

I'm away this week on a "working vacation" in South Florida.[1] No, really, I am working. I can't promise I'll have the time (or interest) for dropping fresh posts here this week, so don't be shocked if you see a gang of Guest Posts, or Rewinds this week. Sorry, it beez like that sometimes. Ride with me anyway.

On a few unrelated, but related notes...

1) This is officially another NoBama Week. I did a Barry overdose the last couple of weeks, so it's time to fall back. I don't care if The Beige One finds the cure for Cancer and bipartisanship this week, I am not talking about him. Period. It's good for my health and yours.

2) The Palin Ban is back in effect. I now realize I've been feeding the Beastess a bit too much lately. I'm sure she'll do just fine at keeping her name in the news without my paltry contribution. This is indefinite. Unless she makes some real news (which is highly unlikely), don't expect to see that word on this website anytime soon.

3) The Michael Steele Ban is also back in effect. This is mostly out of pity for poor Magic Mike, who had the nerve to actually play the race card last week. Since I don't really like piling on another black man (pause) I am going to give this cat a rest for now. This, also, is indefinite.

That is all.

- Jay

[1] After the snowstorm I just suffered through, this is a welcome getaway.

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