Monday, February 1, 2010

The Entire Obama vs GOP Bloodbath Video. Watch This NOW!!!

Okay, here's the full video for those of you who haven't seen in it its unedited form. I think it's interesting that the WH was able to get YouTube to ignore their arbitrary 10 min video limit and post the whole 1:25 of this exchange, with closed captioning for the hearing impaired. The GOP might want to look into that one.

I'd encourage anyone who has only seen selected snippets and soundbytes of this Q&A session to watch this in its entirety before making any more statements about Obama's leadership style. You really can't appreciate just how thorough an a$$-whipping this was unless you watch it unedited. Anyone who's been waiting for Obama to justify his thug should carve out the time to view this. Anyone who's been repeating the same dogeared "taxing our children's children" rigmarole should really carve out the time to view this. In fact, this should be looped continuously on network TV primetime for about a week. It's that interesting.

What I really like about this is that Obama finally does what I've been asking him to do since he was campaigning: stop bullsh*ttin', and clap back. Of course he does so in the most respectful of ways, but still, he lets this room full of adversaries know, in no uncertain terms, "I am not the African-American to eff' with!"

[Editor's Note: In all fairness, his answers re: hiring lobbyists, airing deliberations on C-Span, and cutting earmarks were pure, unadulterated BS. That doesn't take away from this total and complete dismantling of the hollow talking points being fired at him, but I'd be intellectually dishonest if I didn't note this.]

He thoroughly dismantles every talking point. Dismisses every bit of fallacy. Calls out every bit if double-speak and hypocrisy. In short, he does all the stuff we do on this blog on a daily basis. His sh*ts in the middle of the floor, rubs his opponents faces in it, and smirks in delight. This is a Type-A personality's wet dream, played out in front of a nation of viewers.

It is total domination/ownage/pwnage/whateverage. Do yourself a favor. Grab a seat, make some popcorn, and witness the carnage for yourself.

Question: Was this total domination, or am I trafficking in my usual bit of hyperbole?

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