Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Diamond" Gets A Reality Show. ZZZZZZzzzz.

For some reason, folks who promote "urban" TV shows and movies always love sending me stuff for sneak preview/review, apparently not realizing that I don't pull any punches when I really don't like something. Word to Tim Alexander.

So what am I to make of The Real McCoy, "model"/"actress" LisaRaye's upcoming reality show on TV One? Personally, I'd rather watch grass grow than spend 30 minutes of my life watching this annoying, thirsty broad, but that's just me. Let's face it, if you're most famous for strippin' in a B-movie and getting your a$$ whipped by the King of some Caribbean nation most people prolly couldn't find on a map, reality is, you ain't that doggone famous.

I'm wondering, when do these reality shows reach the point of diminishing returns? Everyone who's famous, has been famous, has been semi-memorable, or just has a name that's vaguely familiar is getting a show. Now that they're reaching down for E-List celebs, who's next? Do you start giving shows to people who are merely famous by association? Is there a The Spinderella Show, or a Keepin' Up With The Kardashian's Hydrogel Specialist in the works? I know these shows are cheap, and producers love em', but come on. When a nobody like Terry Crews has his own show, it's time to mix in some new ideas.

And I guess that's the problem. Whereas in the past (ie: Being Bobby Brown) a reality show might have been an inside look into the life of someone remotely intriguing, there's little mystery left nowadays. With gossip blogs, Twitter, and the like, the distance between supposedly "famous" people and common peasants like you and me is shorter than ever. These people aren't nearly as inaccessible as they might have once been, and thus, there's not really much special about them that you'd don't already know. There really isn't much left to see, nor anyone interesting enough left to watch.

I'm glad to see LisaRaye earning an honest living that doesn't involve her removing her top, but I think the "celebreality" genre officially just jumped the shark.

Question: Is there anyone remaining who is interesting enough to make you tune in for 30 minutes/week to watch their loosely scripted "life"? At what point do these "celebreality" shows jump the shark? Would you willingly watch The Real McCoy?!? If not, how much would I have to pay you?

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