Friday, February 5, 2010 Guest Post - Why Pro Ballers Should Get Themselves Fixed: Exhibit D-12.

[Editor's Note: AverageNation™ regular Da Smokin' Ace has a great blog you should peep. Today, he goes in on the whole Dwight Howard Baby Mama video that is takin' the innanet by storm. Show our guest some love by visiting his site.]

I heard that VH1 is getting a new minstrel show African-American reality series called “Basketball Wives.” It is suppose to show an inside look at the lives of NBA players' wives and girlfriends or baby mama’s. Shaq soon-to-be ex-wife Shaunie O’neal will be featured on there is an executive producer, which is cool. The other feature on there is somebody can be call a serious jump-off. Her name is Royce Reed.

For people who don’t know Royce Reed she is the mother of NBA’s All-Star center and funny guy Dwight Howard’s 2 year old son. Howard obtained a court injunction barring Reed from using his name or referring to him indirectly, either orally or in writing. Personally I think it is a smart move just for this reason right here.

[Ed: I think this video should be used in court to help Howard gain full custody, assuming he actually wants it. Seriously, that is his baby mama p-poppin' on a handstand for TO, Luda, and Chad OchoCinco. I would want my son, and my $12k/month back if I was Dwight Howard right about now.]

Yes, That is Royce Reed; Yes, This do look like it was taking at the Kappa Beach Party or Myrtle Beach, but it was at Super Bowl held by T.O. (who also has a show on VH1) on Luda’s “How low can you go.” (which is ironically the name of the post); and you would not believe what she was dancing for?

She was dancing for…………………Super Bowl Ticket.

Are you serious? Maybe if you stop trying to be the next Supahead, Superman would at least drop some of them lawsuits.

But wait, there is more. Check out the twitter quote she posted.

I really think Dwight may need to get a one more suit in hand. Namely parental custody. I don’t care who you are, when you are linked to an athlete, with status like that you need to be just as careful as the athlete. I guess she didn’t get the memo.

…….And she still want us to believe she is victim in all this. GIRL STOOOOPP.

Question: What do you think about athlete children's mothers making personal appearance that does not make the father yet the child look good?

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