Sunday, January 17, 2010

What's On AB's iPod?!? - The Roots LNJF Sandwiches.

I don't watch much late night TV, but I'll occasionally flip over to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon just to listen to the bumper music played by in-house band, The Roots. I still have no idea how such a lame show managed to nap the Legendary Roots Crew, but given the coming shakeups in NBC's late night schedule, Fallon might not have a gig much longer anyway.

Anyhow, Questlove went about the trouble of compiling a free EP full of performances from the show, the appropriately named Sandwiches, which is their term for the songs that play at the show goes to, and returns from commercial breaks. Most of the songs on this 22 track instrumental are jazzy in nature, with some afro-beat here, and a cover there, but there's the occasional headnodder as well. It's nice vibey background music (sadly, there's no Black Thought, these are all instrumentals) for your commute, or whatever. This prolly isn't for everyone, but why not take just download and decide for yourself.

The Roots free Sandwiches EP [HipHopLinguistics] - LINK FIXED

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