Monday, January 18, 2010

Was MLK Really A Republican?!?

It's Martin Luther The Kaing Day, and I'm sure most of ya'll are at home watching Judge Mathis getting ready to go to a march of some sort, just like Dr. King would have wanted. I happen to be employed by one of the few companies in the U.S. that doesn't close on King Day, so I'm working. No, I'm not bitter about this. Not one bit.

Anyways, it's long been stated (mostly by Republicans) that MLK was a member of the GOP. While this is likely historically correct (someone please confirm), it's completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, because most Negroes were Republicans back then. Somewhere along the way, we flipped sides, and now black folks reliably vote for the Dems at a 90% clip in most Presidential elections. Not that this matters to the poor sheeple that the noted bridger-of-racial-divides, Glenn Beck, bought on his show last week. What followed was one of the most mind-numbing hours of television I've ever personally witnessed. Unless you want to be nauseated by an insincere Beck pretending to give a sh*t about Haiti, just fast forward to the one minute mark.

Here's the thing that perplexes me about "Negro Conservatives" like Charles "Jolly Brown Bear" Payne, and that chick in the white blouse who looks like TD Jakes in a lacefront. Payne even admits the numbers/stats he's showing here are sorta skewed to prove a point. The point, is what, exactly?!?

Sorry, I just can't buy the nonsense that voting for Democrats is the reason why Negroes are locked into a cycle of poverty, crime, and broken families. If only we'd held our noses and pulled that lever for Cotton Hill and Miss Sarah, the lot in life of black chil'ren from Canton to Compton would be so much better than under the tyranny of Obama's Big Gubb'ment policies. It's just "The Man" still trying to hold a brotha down, although "The Man" is halfrican American.

If voting for Dems year in and year out is the reason for Black America's misfortune, how then do you explain the fact that the highest concentrations of black poverty are in Deep South states run by Republicans? And if voting Republican is indeed the answer, what exactly come poor whites in Appalachia, getting in return for their reliable GOP votes? And besides idiotic talking points like "free market capitalism", what actual legislation can these Black Conservatives point to that would dramatically change the fortunes of the communities they so desperately want to save? Never mind the fact that these folks are obviously so ashamed of, and probably live as far as possible from these very same communities. Charles Payne and Miss Lacefront Jakes care. They really do.

After watching this crap, I can only come to one conclusion: this particular brand of Black Conservative is simply trying seeking approval through political affiliation to make up for a litany of painful childhood memories. Either that, or the craft table at the Fox studios has some incredible crab cakes.

If MLK were alive today, I doubt he'd want to be associated with a bunch of pantywaisted losers who'd kiss the pasty Mormom ass of a man who'd accused the President of being a racist who hates "White Culture".[1] Nope, he'd be shaking his head at this display of toe tappin', and wondering just where he went wrong. Shame on you boot lickin', shiftless Negroes. Shame!

MLK is crying inside.

Question: Can you understand the pathology and mindset of the black Conservatives featured on The Glenn Beck Show? If MLK were alive today, would be be ideologically in lock step with these people? How come folks who love quoting MLK only seem to know a couple of lines from the "I Have A Dream" speech and little more?

[1] BTW, what the f*ck is "White Culture"? Someone care to elaborate?

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