Friday, January 22, 2010

Sex Addict Or Mere Opportunist?!?

Tiger Woods went into deep seclusion after that Mrs. Tiger took that 5-iron to his head last month, and despite reports of Sasquatch-like "Tiger sightings" in the weeks since, dude hadn't officially been seen until the other day. Turns out he checked himself into some treatment center in rural Mississippi, where he's reportedly been getting help for his "sex addiction".

Sorry, but could someone please explain the whole term "sex addiction" to me? Cause where I stand, this smells like some PR bull. Let's face it, the only problem with what Woods was doing was the fact that he was married while he did it. Period. Famous dudes (and women) get it thrown at them all the time, and they gladly catch it. This is not an addiction, it's called amazing fortune indulgence. Derek Jeter's selection (and prolly frequency) of jumpoffs is of a far higher quality than Mr. Woods for very obvious reasons, but I've yet to hear anyone refer to him as an "addict". Hell, if 15 chicks in a 10 year professional career makes him an "addict", then what does that make the average NBA player, Congressman, or hair band guitarist? A "junkie"? Again, the problem here is not the number of women that Woods boned on the side, it's the fact that they were on the side. That's it, and that's all. I suppose someone could argue that the "addiction" stems from Woods' inability to keep it in his pants once he was married. Okay, I suppose there's some merit to that. But let's face it: dude's getting divorced. There's no reason to go celibate now. If nothing else, he should be able to expand his variety of selections now that there's no societal pressure to keep sh*t under wraps. He can upgrade to Ruth's Chris waitresses now. Eff' a Perkins. I know a Grand Hu$tle when I see one, and we all know this is little more than a nice PR tactic to setup his inevitable comeback tour. It'll be nice fodder for the obligatory Oprah/Diane Sawyer soft-focused lens interview. And he'll be back on the PGA by Independence Day, and everyone's favorite redemption story by Christmas. Because isn't that always how it works? Question: Is there such a thing as a sex addiction, or are some guys just luckier than others? Is this little more than a PR tactic, or do you think Woods is truly getting in touch with his inner monk? Tiger Woods photographed outside sex rehab clinic [VCSun]

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