Friday, January 15, 2010

Behind The Blog - How Posts Are Made.

As you might imagine, with a demanding full time gig, a lovely wife, two young kids, and plenty of extracurricular interests, keeping this blog going and updated 7 days a week is no small feat. I pride myself on keeping posts relevant, so I seldom take shortcuts and just plop down links. Nope, is all about fresh content and stimulating convo, and this requires work.

I get my post ideas from everywhere. I'm what you might call an information junkie. I have all sorts of newspaper/blog apps on my iPod. I have about 100 sites on my RSS reader. I listen to all sorts of news/opinion shows on Sirius XM. And yeah, I even read an actual newspaper each day. Somewhere in the process, a blog post idea sticks, and since I'm a pretty quick typer, I can pull together a decent post in about 5-10 minutes, with photos, links, and video included. I spellcheck, but seldom worry about grammar. If only I could apply this same focus to other aspects of my life. I might could be dangerous!

On the other hand, many of the non-time sensitive posts you read here at are written weeks, sometimes, months in advance and put in the hopper to auto-publish when desired. This includes our weekly staples like 3 Play Thursdays, Black White Or Other, What's On AB's iPod, Ad Nauseum, and all the viral videos that run here on the weekends. These are usually prewritten when I find myself with some rare downtime.

My aim (as I've stated repeatedly) is to finally buckle down and pursue a paying gig at some point this year. I love writing, and making some side money/pocket change for all the grunt work would be nice. One of these days, it'll happen. Till then, if you like what you see, give the drummer some, and drop a lil' somethin' in the Tip Jar, which is to your right. Your donations are greatly appreciated.

- Jay

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