Thursday, January 21, 2010

3 Play Thursday - Eddie Murphy.

It's 3 Play Thursday. Today: Eddie Murphy.

With the crossover success (comedy, movies, singing) of Jamie Foxx, it's not so hard to imagine a comedian singing anymore, but some seem to have lost respect for the architect. Long before Wanda morphed into Ray, who morphed into "Blame It On The Alcohol", there was Eddie Murphy. Murphy, in short order, went from SNL standout, to box office gold with movies like 48 Hours and Beverly Hills Cop. At the height of his popularity, Murphy then did something all self-indulgent stars, surrounded by sycophants and blow do: he tried his hand at singing.

The results, uhhh, well, judge for yourself...

"Party All The Time" ft. Rick James

It sounds and looks tacky now, but for the sheer novelty alone, this song was pretty popular back when it came out. Did folks clown Eddie for his tonedeaf oversinging? Yes. But this was "Rick James, B****!!!" And at his height, everything Rick James touched turned to platinum.

"Put Your Mouth On Me"

This one actually wasn't that bad. Mercilessly overproduced, yes. But terrible? No.

"I Was A King" ft. Shabba Ranks

Ahhh, the Shabba Ranks era. Yes, this was indeed terrible.

"Whatzupwitu" ft. Michael Jackson

Pause [||] on this whole song, and this terrible green screened video. I have nothing else to say.

Question: Assuming there is such a thing, what's your favorite Eddie Murphy tune?!?

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