Thursday, January 28, 2010

3 Play Thursday - Best Slow Jams Of The 00's.

It's 3 Play Thursday. Today: Best Slow Jams Of The Last Decade.

Okaaaaay, so black music officially jumped the shark last decade. That doesn't mean the occasional quality tune didn't drop. Here's a handful of my favorites.

"Beautiful (Caught Up)" - Tweet (2002)

Remember when Tweet and Ashanti both came out, sorta like the same way Alicia Keys and India.Arie both came out and the same time, and were sorta pitted as rivals? Obviously, Keys won her death match, because India.Arie is working at an Atlanta area Sizzler. I suppose Ashanti beat Tweet, but that's strictly on the basis of longevity, not quality of music. Her debut album was very solid.

Ruff Endz - "Someone To Love You" (2001)

Hint #1 That Your Record Label Doesn't Think You Look Good Enough To Sell Records: You don't even get to be the star love interest in your own video. That's cool though, cause this song will still get spins 20 years from now.

Glenn Lewis - "And Don't You Forget It" - (2001)

This guy was a little too weird acting, and never made it big either, but again, nice tune.

Question: Got any favorite slow jams made in the 00's?!?

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