Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Wackest Edition of MTV Cribs Evar?!?

For some odd reason, my wife has recently developed a liking for MTV Cribs, a show I was pretty sure went off the air along with Pimp My Ride.[1] So, we're watching an old episode on the Tivo the other day, and I witness The Greatest Epic Fail In Televised Negro History. The culprit, St. Louis rapper Huey, whom I guess had one minor hit (I had to consult the Google to even learn this) called "Pop Lock And Drop It" a few years back. Maybe you remember it, maybe not, but here it go.

Thanks to the litigious bastards at Viacom, I can't embed this very special episode of MTV Cribs, but has it archived, and if you want a guaranteed laugh, please go over there and witness the f*ckery for yourself. Skip to the last hash mark (the 13:45 mark), unless you know (and care) who Joss Stone and Chuck Lidell are. Then come back here and relive the misery with the rest of us in the comments section.

Question: Who in the world told "Huey" this was a good idea? Does he realize the joke's on him?

[1] Please don't tell me Pimp My Ride is still on too.

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